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Welcome to solCreates…

Welcome to solCreates!

We are committed to Good Living!

If you have an interest in turning your yard into a garden, native plantings, xeriscaping, organic landscaping or some combination of these, keep reading! We have experience in design for organic landscaping, sustainable gardening, and installation of native plantings.

Do you have a garden you’d like to revive?

There are plenty of options for those of you who may be searching for answers on why your potatoes didn’t multiply, how to improve your compost, recovering from weather events or making the most out of a yard with too much shade.

solCreates uses organic methods to make the most out of your space, while utilizing the least amount of labor possible so that your yard can bring you peace of mind. With a design in hand, it is a wonderful experience to know that you can move through your outdoor space naturally, as well as attend to your yard’s needs with sustainability in mind. You can make changes as soon as this Spring.

Don’t have a green thumb? There is no need to worry. Xeriscaping provides a wonderful way to transform your yard into a beautiful space that will take little maintenance. We also provide one-time, seasonal, or ongoing ¬†gardening advice and maintenance to be sure you get the most out of your design.

We are committed to Good Living! If you’d like to improve the quality of the time that you spend outdoors, conserve energy on your heating and cooling bills and/or turn your yard into your supermarket, feel free to contact us for a design that you can implement whenever you’re ready.

Lettuce thrives in an area with little sun...